Grilled Salmon with Rosé Butter

Serves 6

I serve salmon dishes whenever our local wild salmon is in season. Here is a simple combination of wine and food that works well together. The meaty flavor of the salmon pairs well with the Syrah Rosé.

I use a flavored butter with this dish and often make the butter a few days or a week ahead and refrigerate or freeze until needed. I add a touch of cream to the butter and this keeps it smooth when it’s warmed.

  • 2 lb Wild Pacific Salmon
  • 1/4 t garlic salt
  • ½ c + 2T Syrah Rosé
  • 1T  lemon juice
  • 2 t  lime juice
  • 2 T  cream
  • ¾ c  butter, cut up and softened at room temperature
  • to taste salt

Making the butter:

Place wine and garlic salt in small sauce pot and reduce over medium heat to 2T. Add cream. Reduce again until the mixture thickens to the consistency of a sauce. Remove from heat. Add lemon and lime juice. Allow to cool completely. Add butter and whisk into the mixture until it is smooth. Place in refrigerator and whisk occasionally to make sure the butter remains smooth. Once it has started to firm but is still pliable, remove and place in plastic wrap and roll in a cylinder in plastic wrap.

Cooking the salmon:

  1. Meanwhile, pre-heat your grill to medium or slightly higher. Wipe the grates with a bit of cooking oil to prevent the salmon from sticking. Place the fish with what would have been the skin side up. After 3 minutes, lift the fish gently off the grill and turn it 90 degrees to create “hash” marks. After another 3 minutes carefully flip the salmon and continue to cook for an additional 3-5 minutes depending on the heat of the grill and the thickness of the fillet. I prefer to cook the salmon rare to medium-rare and let the heat in the fish finish the cooking.
  2. When the fish is almost fully cooked, place the softened butter in a small saucepan and warm gently while swirling the pan or stirring with a whisk or spoon.
  3. Serve the salmon on a warm platter topped with the butter “sauce” either spooned over it or in a small bowl on the side with fresh green beans, some baby greens and a glass of Syrah Rosé.

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