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How does the "Swirl" screen work?
"Swirl" lets you find a pairing based on a random wine or food course selection. Swirling or shaking your device randomly selects a food pairing based on which wine and course it lands on. But if you're keen on a particular wine, select the varietal and tap the swirl icon directly above it. Shaking the device now gives you a random food pairing for that particular wine. For fun, try locking both wine and food course to discover what’s for dinner!

How are “QuickPairs” different from regular pairings?
“QuickPairs” lets you find wine pairings for simple food items, such as BBQ Chicken, Fruit Desserts, or Mint. Unlike pairings for individual dishes and accompaniments, “QuickPairs” are general pairing suggestions.

What are “Bruce's Picks”?
“Bruce's Picks” are displayed in the “Pairings” section of the app, and feature regularly updated picks from his favorite pairings. They are marked in light blue font in the app.

Searching Basics

  • Search allows you to look for a particular word, taste, ingredient, country of origin, or exact phrase in the wine and food database. For example, a search for “lemon chicken” will display all dishes that contain those exact words. Search for “Italy” in the “Wine” section and all wines from Italy will be displayed. Or, search for “Italy” in the “Cheese” section, and all cheeses from Italy will be displayed.
  • Don’t see your dish listed? Try “QuickPair” or “Search” for the main ingredient that is in your dish to find similar dishes.
  • Section “Search”. Entering a word in the “Search” textbox will display results for the section that you’re on. For example, if you’re in the “Sparkling” wine screen, your search will yield sparkling wine results.


Top Pairing Tips

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