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Changing How You Pair Wine

Can't decide what to pair with your meal? Pair It! is a fun and comprehensive food and wine guide to pair on the go. It includes hand selected pairing suggestions, tips, and advice you'll find nowhere else.

Pair It! was created by renowned wine pairing expert, chef and educator Bruce Riezenman from the Sonoma County Wine Country. His novel approach to wine pairing has won him praise and awards. The app lets you discover, experiment, and savor new taste combinations and wine flavors by searching over 20,000 food and wine pairings.

The app offers practical guidelines and suggestions to match over 180 varietals with 1,000 food items (and counting). Be confident that you always make the right choice for cooking at home or dining out with Pair It!

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“5 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Wine Lovers”
- Mashable

"It's great to have this subject tackled in such a thoughtful and innovative way... AND by a chef who truly knows flavours and how they interact."
- Christopher Waters, Vines Magazine


“To get pairing suggestions from the kitchen instead of the bar, consider Pair It!”
- New York Times

"My new go-to iPhone app"
- Whining & Dining

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