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Pair It! was designed for people who love food and wine, especially together. Created by Wine Country Chef Bruce Riezenman, renowned food and wine pairing expert and educator, Pair It! contains over 20,000 pairing suggestions and tips as well as a guide to over 180 wine varietals and over 1,000 different dishes.

Pair It! tells you more than just what wines to drink with what food. It's also a guide to the question of "What's for dinner?" Each dish is listed by name and the ingredients they generally contain. The entire app is searchable. So whether you're looking for a dish with rosemary or wines from Chile, Pair It! helps you find the best wine or food complement.

Pair It! allows people to quickly and easily explore new wines, new flavor combinations, and new palate-pleasing ways to match food and wine. Whether you're eating out or in, taste what you've been missing with Pair It!

Who Is Chef Bruce?
Chef Bruce Riezenman is one of California’s top authorities on food & wine pairing and one of the pioneers of Wine Country cuisine. He has taught both wine industry leaders and aspiring wine connoisseurs, in offices, restaurants, and college classrooms throughout the US and Canada. He always begins with the essential elements of food and wine, and from that foundation offers a completely new approach to dining, entertaining, and daily living. His innovative approach offers a method of balancing flavors to pair wine and food perfectly. You need not be a wine expert to use it. All that's required are common ingredients from the cupboard and a curious set of taste buds – and Pair It!.


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